Artist / Producer / Musician / Songwriter / Drummer / Human Being

[Production] : Haviah Mighty - Wishy Washy (ft. Omega Mighty)

Marcio Novelli - Doctor, Please (Taabu Remix) is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and More.

[Remix Production, Mixing & Mastering] Snotty Nose Rez Kids - Creator Made An Animal (Ft. Boslen) [Taabu Remix]

[Production, Mixing & Mastering] TWNRVA - All That She Wants (Cover) [ft. Taabu]

[Production, Mixing & Mastering] : Raz - My World (ft. Isam B)

[Production, Mixing & Mastering] Yviona, Gold Up, Taabu - Summer Time

[Original Production, Writing & Mixing] : Taabu - Feeling Okay (ft. TWNRVA)

[Remix Production & Mixing] Small Council - Rose City (Taabu Remix)

[Original Production, Writing & Mixing] Taabu - Ask Too Much (ft. Spence Holden)