$400.00 per instrumental

What’s included?

  • Through the discussion of your creative vision, you will receive a personalized instrumental that captures your artistic identity. Your instrumental will cater to your preference in genre, style, and feel, and will accommodate all of your vocal and instrumental additions.
  • Up to 3 personalized revisions
  • A clear and articulate mix of your instrumental
  • Grouped stems and audio files can be provided for easy transport to another producer, mixing or mastering engineer.


$200.00 per track

Mixing is essential to achieve professional sonic clarity and sophistication in a track.

What’s included?

  • You will receive an articulate, professional, and polished balance of all your instrumental and vocal components that construct your song.
  • Up to 3 personalized revisions
  • Tailored file formatting to retain professional quality


$50.00 per track

Mastering brings a professional standard of commercial loudness, clarity, and fullness to a mixed track. Mastering provides that final polish your product needs to stand up against any pro recording, and creates a cohesive product for an album release.

What’s included?

  • You will receive a high quality, stereo file with the commercial loudness and sonic precision it needs to compete with the pros, the clubs, and the radio.
  • Up to 3 personalized revisions
  • Tailored file formatting to retain quality to suit any medium of showcase; CD, digital streaming, or high quality MP3.
  • Optionally, DDP (Disc Description Protocol) is available for $10.00 per track. DDP is commonly used for delivery of disc premasters for duplication. In other words, if you're printing hard copies of your EP or album, this may be a helpful avenue for you.
  • The audio track below compares, first, the sonic characteristics and volume of a mix, to the final master track.


$600.00 per track

Remixing can be a beneficial way to maintain buzz, focus and attention on an existing song. Typically, a remix is done to showcase a songs versatility through a different genre; Dance, Trap, Dubstep and other electronic focussed genres usually do a great job at accomplishing this.  

What’s included?

  • You will receive a produced, mixed and mastered product in the genre preference of your choice
  • Up to 3 personalized revisions
  • The audio track below demonstrates an example of the remix product you will receive. This is a remix done of Justin Bieber's, "Sorry," integrating a fraction of Adele's, "Hello," with a Dance/Dubstep genre focus.  

Quotations are available for more personalized and complex projects. Please contact for questions and quotations, and tell us about your project!

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